Sunday, November 6, 2011

Corban is 11 months

Corban turned 11 months on November 20th. Almost one. It's crazy. He continues to light up my life. He has had bouts of fusiness, and I believe it's been over trying to break the next teeth through, which is going to happen any day now. He only has four teeth at the moment. He is all boy - loving to bang on things, hit things, play roughly, express himself in grunts while smiling right along with it all. He sleeps well, eats well and interacts well. He loves to watch how things work - always looking when he hears something interesting happening. He knows how to get around my makeshift ways of keeping kitchen cabinets locked, and he loves to try to "escape" up the stairs or out the front door if the doors are left open. He is walking everywhere, can go up stairs and is learning to go backward back down them. He is social and loves his sisters. They often greet him when he wakes, but if they are not there, he constantly looks around toward any move to find them. Abby, especially, loves to pick him up and carry him around the house or love tackle him to the ground. He's pretty laid back about it all, but he will let you know if it's annoying him with a sharp scream or cry. He's still got the spikey blonde hair, is short and has quite the baby gut and chunky thighs going on. He went through a small phase of not wanting to be left at the church nursery, but most of all, he will go to anyone. However, he seems to prefer to hang out with the guys, which shows me that he has a good dad. He has his own versions of "all done," "up," "Abby," "mama," "dada," and "uh oh." He seems to be verbal. He loves all electronics and tries to grab at everything - cell phones, remote controls, computers, etc. He loves to dance and has tried to sing along too. What a fun little guy to have aroun.

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