Saturday, July 28, 2012

Kenzie at 3 Years Old

Kenzie Joy, you are now three years old, and what a joy you are. You are so loved and adored by everyone. You are sweet and absolutely love you siblings. You are patient and loving with Corban. Since his birth and first meeting in the hospital where you couldn't stop kissing you, you have had a very special, unique relationship with him.  You really enjoy being with Abby, for the most part. Every once in a while you can really get on each others nerves, but for the most part you are best friends. You are willing to play with her and do her ideas, but definitely have your own opinions and will make them known. You are assertive. You really have a helpful spirit. Cleaning isn't really your thing, but you love to get things for people and do things for people. You like to serve in your own way. Actually, a little bit of everything is done in your own way. You like to do things on your terms, but you are learning to yield your will at appropriate times. You have gotten so much better at responding, "Yes, Mommy!" We're working on it and have some growth to do, but I love that you are strong and have an opinion too.  You have a quirky, goofy way about you that makes you a lot of fun and unique. You are absolutely beautiful, and I often look at you knowing that as an adult you are going to be stunning. Your glasses are super cute, but you have been taking them off a lot lately, and we find them in lots of places. We have had to replace them quite a few times, and we are trying to work on that with you. You are a smart kid. You want to learn everything that older kids are working on. Abby recently learned to snap, and you saw her practicing and trying, and even though you are two years younger than her, you picked it up right away. You also want to try and read and often make up stories so that you can feel like you are reading. You know all of your letters right now and most of your sounds. You are starting to be better with a pencil and are drawing things that make sense - like a sun or the starts of a person. You love to sing and are singing often. You'll actually turn anything into a song. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a talent brewing there. You dress up often. You have also been really into layering your clothes lately. You'll sometimes come down wearing a skirt, a shirt, tights and two dresses over it all. It's completely goofy, but it's just you right now. I love when you choose to curl up on my lap. You make the perfect little ball to hold when you tuck your knees in tight. You continue to challenge us when you want your own way, and your first reaction to things not going your way is an immediate yell or crying moment. We're working on that too. I love how tough you are. I can always count on you to bounce back right away if you fall or get hurt. You'll often say, "I'm OK." You have more of an interest and talent in balls and active things. I'm wondering if you'll be interested in sports. I need to do more with you to see if this will be an interest. I would love to go to your games to watch and cheer you on if this is of interest. Being in the water initially intimidated you, but over the last few weeks you have been a completely fish. You still don't like to put your face in the water. With a life jacket on, you will now cruise up and down in our swim area at the house. You'll be in the water when no one else is there and swim between the beach and the ladder at the end of the dock. It seemed to be an overnight transformation. It actually first occurred with Elena's encouragement at Grandpa and Grandma Durr's house on 4th of July. Like I said, you always want to keep up with the older kids. I actually see a spirit of competition in you too. You have had no fear when it comes to things on top of the water. You'll be the first to jump into a tube behind a boat or on a jet ski to go fast. You have shown no fear on amusement park rides. These things you were doing at age two. Kenzie, we love you more than you can think or imagine. As I always say, "I love you so much...way up to the moon and back...forever and matter what."

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