Thursday, November 29, 2012

Corban is Two

Corban is two years old. Because his birthday is so close to Thanksgiving, and we had competing plans, we celebrated as a family and invited Grandma Durr and Great Grandpa Durr over for dinner and a small celebration. Another component is Corban woke up sick, and he was a bit of a mess. He was teething, barely slept and was just not his usual jovial self. I made him a race car cake with Jeremy at the last minute. I am glad I did. He was so upset that day, but I would bring out his cake if he was sad, and it would cheer him up. I've been trying to train him to say he 2. I'll ask him how old he is, and he'll say, "One!" then he'll pause, smile and say, "Race car cake." He'll then correct himself by saying, "I two." The girls showered him with their own homemade gifts. We got him a balance bike, which he is loving. Here are some pictures from our celebration.

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