Friday, September 26, 2008

Random Abigail

Our child does not fail to crack us up. She has some weird idiosyncrasies right now that I will list below. I'd love to know what's going on in that brain of hers half the time. She's a weird one. Our child won't drink much water from a sippy cup. Give her something with a straw, and she's all over it. However, she's kind of been into spitting the water out at times too. She is very good at saying the word "water," but it always comes in multiples..."Water, Water, Water."
Trying to get this ball stuck in her mouth provided a lot of entertainment.

Since she was a lot younger, she was always good at balancing things on her head. I say, "concentrate," and she just holds still trying to balance.
Lately, she sticks everything cord, rope, string, belt, bra, scarf...anything around her neck and walks around.
This is her sticking the garbage cord around her neck and somehow getting it wrapped around her bottom as well. She's also been really into pushing empty garbage cans around the house. Whenever I empty the garbages, I will find her roaming around the house with the empties.
Abigail now looks for anything her height to sit on. She backs up, looking over her shoulder to check the distance, and slowly sits down. This is directly after a bath.

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