Thursday, September 4, 2008

Reunion at the Park

This is another picture from earlier in the summer (I'm going to be doing a few of these as they roll in from my husbands camera and other resources). We had a day at the park with old friends and their kids. It was our mom's bringing their grandkids, actually. So, we have Mason who is the grandson of Janet Pruitt. His dad, Rob, who I grew up with was there too, so we got to catch up. His wonderful wife was there was well. It was fun to see her. Then, we have Abigail, Will and Lucy, my mom's grandkids. Finally, we have Sadie, who is the grandchild of a dear friend, Pat Lacoma. We met up and played at the Bellevue Park.

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Karen said...

Hi! Sorry I didn't get to see you all while I was home-- but I do love seeing what you are up to via your blog-- great photos. Congrats on your pregnancy! So excited for you guys.