Monday, September 6, 2010

Our sweet Kenzie is 17 months old. She is quite the spirited one and can be somewhat intense at times. She has developed more and more of her personality and can be quite goofy at times. She has shown a lot of love to her sister when Abby is upset, patting her and loving on her if she is crying. It shows her sensitive side. She seems to be "the grass is always greener kid." If she's on the ground, she wants to be in your arms. Once she gets to your arms, she's reaching toward the next person. Then, she wants down again. She's beginning to communicate more and more, which has been really helpful. The more she communicates the more content she seems. She is fairly good at playing by herself or with her sister. She hasn't been sick a lot, which is a blessing. Figuring things out is a skill of hers, and she is a climber. I think she is a smart little cookie and understands most of our verbal instructions. Sleeping is no problem for this kid. She can confirm when she is tired saying "Nigh Nigh," and we put her right to bed. She seemed to get all of her teeth in one fell swoop, which I think contributed to some of her neediness. I think she's more content after this last round of five teeth coming in all at the same time. Kenzie loves books, figuring out how toys/things work, her sister, catching balls, singing and being verbal, playing in the lake. She eats well but is a picky, picky eater - not putting a lot of things in her mouth. She has her favorite foods that we stick to while offering her other things. We love this kid and are excited to see her coming into her own.

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