Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Things I Want to Remember...

* Abigail came down while I was watching the end of Judge Judy, and she corrected the grammar of one of the litigants. Quite funny!

* Kenzie, at 17 months, was upset I wouldn't let her play in my make-up. She started crying and covering her mouth with her hands. I said, "Oh, you need to go show daddy that drama." She stopped what she was doing, went into the living room to see dad and started wailing in the same manner. Who said kids don't understand or can't control?

* I've always been impressed by my daughter's recall of vocabulary that she may have heard one or two times. It gets quite interesting, however, when she says things like, "I'm having a bachelor party in my bed." Hmmm...

* Kenzie most often wakes asking for Abby or saying "Daddy - work." With her little face expressions and baby accent, it's my favorite thing she says right now.

* Kenzie's vocabulary is growing exponentially. Her own version of wods include: dada, mama, Abby, Grandma, house, mouse, work, car, bike, ball, frog, dog, cat, more, thank you, hi, bye, book, berries, cheese, juice, water, teeth, hat, dress, boots, shoes, poo poo, hot, yes, no, off, on, open, yogurt, baby, necklace, snack, night night, and those are the regulars that I can remember right now. Of course, there words probably only a mother can understand. She also is willing to try all words presented to her.

* Kenzie is very enthusiastic about talking on the phone. If I'm on the phone, she comes up with her hand on her ear and says (loudly), "Hi." She then gets on, says hi and a few other mumbles and then shouts, "Bye!"

* We drove up to Babies R' Us and Abigail pointed to the sign and said, "That says B-A-B (sounding it out)...Baby." I don't know if she was really reading it or knew we were going to the baby store, but I was impressed. She also looked at Kenzie's tag in her clothes and said, "This is size 18 (Kenzie's in 18 months)." Again, I don't know if this is a fluke or she knew it. She hasn't replicated it since.

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Erin said...

Wow! Nice work, girls!