Saturday, July 2, 2011

Corban at 7 Months

"Dorban"...Kenzie used to not be able to pronounce her "C" sound, so we developed this nickname for our favorite little man. He continues to delight. Eating is only semi-interesting to him. I can be feeding him, but if there is someone more interesting around, he is easily distracted. He continues to love people and smile readily. He is getting around quite well. He mostly army crawls, although he has successfully gotten on hands and knees to move around. He prefers the army crawl because he can get around quickly with it. He loves mommy, and he'll be perfectly fine in another's arms, until he sees me. He then begins panicing and wanting me. Sleeping is OK. He is not great at napping during the day. However, morning naps have just begun getting better again. He normally has a short afternoon nap too. He was sleeping nicely through the night for a couple weeks there. Now, he almost makes it through the night. He wakes pretty regularly at 5:00 AM. Sometimes he's up for the day then, and other times he will crash again while nursing. He is so squirmy. He doesn't like to just sit still. Instead, it is a workout to hold him. He often wants to throw himself to the ground. He can play by himself for a bit, but mostly he wants to be interacting with others.

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