Monday, July 25, 2011

Corban is 8 Months Old

Here's the little man who has captured my heart. He is eight months old, and the time seems to be flying by. He can crawl easily, pull himself to stand and walk around furniture. He continues to have the neverending smile and sweet nature. He has been exposed to more food and seems to prefer savory/salty over sweet. The girls were all about the fruite, he seems to enjoy the vegis or bread products. He has fallen into more a napping rhythm - 2-3 hours in the morning and a brief to long nap in the evening. Praise the Lord for longer naps and more of a rhythm. He is sleeping, consistently, through the night. We are convinced he seems to be teething at times, but nothing has cut through. He's about 21 lbs. He likes to watch how things work and watch what everyone is doing. He loves his sisters, playing with his toys, books, and just beign a part of whatever is going on with us. He still loves to be with mommy. He is often perfectly content in others arms until he sees me. Then, the panic begins. I can't imagine our lives without this little guy.

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