Thursday, January 29, 2009

18 Month Doctor Appointment (at 19 months)

Abigail is as healthy as can be. She is 32 inches long (50%), 22 pounds (25%) and her head is at the 25% level. Her ears, according to her doctor, are just like her dad's when he was a little boy. Full of wax. She was super cute waiting in her diaper in the room. She was dancing, talking about everything she could identify in the room, finding letters that she knew, singing and squatting up and down. She let Dr. Clapper do his check out with absolutely no fusses. She did cry after her second immunization shot. She still is struggling a bit with constipation, which has set her mood off the last few days. She says, "pooping" with a worried, sad experession all thoughout the day. She hasn't seemed herself until she finally gets one out, and the difference is night and day. We just gave her a pill form of milk of magnesia that seemed to do some clearing out. I don't know what the deal is because the kid loves, and I mean loves, her fruits and vegis. She is given All Bran with her yogurt and we add flax to a lot of her food. She eats mostly whole grains. I feel like her diet is super healthy and yet we still have this problem. I did watch the whole poop process yesterday and am now, more than ever, convinced that she is holding it in and therefore exasperating the problem. We are pleased that she checks out so healthy though.

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The Tulloss Family said...

Aubrey has the same problem with constipation. We give her Miralax every day.