Tuesday, January 6, 2009


As I have said, Abigail has been talking a lot. She repeats everything. I say, "Do you want that guy?" (refering to her stuffed animal), and she'll say, "that guy." "Are you choking?" "Choking" Wii fit has commands like "step on." She says, "step on." She is saying words all the time. She wants you to understand everything she says too. She'll get up in your face and repeat her word over and over until you repeat it. If you can't figure out what she's saying, this can go on for a while. We heard her first sentence the other day, which was, "I want prunes." She also is into saying "me baby" or "me pants" - refering to what is hers. She also identified the letter A a number of times yesterday, which is exciting. Today she's been trying to learn O - with the help of a Christmas gift from my mom, talking refrigerator magnets. She is super verbal, and it is really helpful in our communication and understanding what she needs.

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