Wednesday, January 28, 2009


My dad was wonderful enough to give my mom, older sister and I his miles to get us to Missouri and see my little sister, Shannon, and her family. It was a fabulous trip. We were able to see our newest neice, Ada Jackson, who is an easy, delightful baby to have around. We were also able to spend time with the entire family....Nate, Shannon, Lucy, Will and Ada. I miss them so much, and I felt blessed to have this opportunity. We were able to help Shannon by giving her a little time alone and helping to clean her house. We didn't let the 0 degree weather deter us, and so were able, thanks to Nate, to be able to go out with just the girls - shopping, eating out and a birthday celebration at a Greek restaurant. That was an experience all in itself as we were continuely told we would get a table soon - finally getting a table after a 2+ hour wait. Apparently, we have the patience of saints. We experienced the Walker family impromptu talent shows and comedy bits called "What's the Deal." I was inspired by their family fun and creativity. See Stacie's blog for video clips of that. Celebrating Will's birthday was another highlight. After his many batman gifts, he is convinced he actually is batman. We love the Walker clan and can't wait for their return to the Pacific Northwest.

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