Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kenzie at Seven Months

Kenzie is officially seven months old, and she is wonderful. She loves to bounce, smile, be around people, and laugh. She rolls quickly to get where she wants to go. She can be up on her knees and hands and is beginning to rock a bit. She likes to interact with people and definitely is most content in a crowd. Daddy makes her laugh the most. She is eating breast milk, formula and beginning foods. She's a good little eater. Talking is fun for her now, and she has recently discovered her tongue. Her two bottom teeth are making an appearance. Despite that, sleeping habits continue to be good. After her 6 month turn over in sleeping habits, she's been sleeping full nights consistently (11 hours). She normally always wakes up happy. On a side note, Abigail loves to go get her from naps. She says, "We're coming, Kenzie," and crawls up into her crib and begins jumping. Kenzie smiles excitedly. They love each other. She loves to grab at all of our necklaces, quickly pulling them into her mouth. She has an opinion if you take it away from her too. It has been fun to see her interacting with toys more and sitting up to play with things. She wants to grab everything! She has a funny little interaction with me where she avoids looking at me. It's a game we play where I try to get her to look into my eyes, and she'll look for anything else but me. This past month has been the discovery of the Johnny Jump-Up, and she loves it. She laughs and bounces. Although she doesn't like to be too independent for too long, she is easy to cheer up and please. I love this kid.

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