Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Wall

Before (2 pictures above)

The Wall...I can't believe I haven't mentioned the wall. A bit ago, I mentioned to Jeremy that I thought it was time. Time for what? A wall. Our master bedroom has been open to the living room since we bought this place. It makes no sense, but that's just the way it has been. Therefore, we haven't had an oasis...a place to escape if we want to nap or be alone. I told my hubby that I was ready to take this step, and he literally came home and began tearing up carpet. My ridiculously talented husband has now finished this fabulous project. Why did we not do this ages ago? We haven't purchased the blinds for the french doors yet, but they are coming. I have posted a before picture too so you can see the amazing skills Jeremy has. It looks like it has always been there.

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