Monday, November 16, 2009

Things I Want to Remember

This is a section where I'm just going to list things I want to remember. Others may find this section uninteresting, but this is for me.

* Abby always wants to inform Kenzie about what's going on. She says, "Look, Kenzie, I have a banana." "Kenzie, it's cold outside." I absolutely love Kenzie's look as Abigail sits and talks to her.
* She calls flip flops "slip slops."
* When trying to take her flashlight away, Abigail said in the most pathetic voice, "No, I NEED my flashlight. I want to see everything that is going on in this life. "
* Abigail has an obsession with shoes. She'll be upstairs forever, and I'll go up to find her taking shoes on and off. When other people come over with shoes on, she'll put them on. If she's at someone else's house, she'll find other shoes and put them on.
* Sunglasses are another obsession. It's November, and she wants to wear them everywhere. She wears them while watching "The Little Mermaid," while reading books, when we go out in the rain. She loves them.
* She always wants to go get Kenzie from naps, running up yelling, "We're coming, Kenzie." Then, she climbs up into Kenzie's crib, says, "Watch, Kenzie," and begins jumping.
* I wouldn't be surprised if Abigail was interested in medicine. She is obsessed with the doctor's kit and the "bump bump" thing at grandma's house. Jeremy cut his finger, and she wanted to see and know all about it. She loves going to the doctor and watches carefully everything that is going on.
* When I ask Abby a question she's not really sure the answer to she says, "Because I love you soooo much."
* Jeremy said, "Abby, Mommy is not feeling well today so you need to be good." Abigail replied, "I will pray for her," and proceeded to say, "Dear God, Please help Mommy feel ALL better."
* Her grown up phrased like, "Actually, Mommy..." or "Should we...?"
* Abby has a total sweet tooth. She never looks forward to eating unless it is clocalate, candy, cookies, ice cream, etc. She does also like fruit - but that's sweet too.
* Abigail has always quickly figured out how things work. She is observant and inquisitive. She has always known (with make-up, pens, bottles, etc.) whether to twist, turn, push, pull, etc.
* Anytime she sees two of something she comments on her age. "Two birdies, like me two!"
* Abigail has a really good memory. She saw a piece of paper with a "Kidgits Kid Club" logo on it from the Tacoma Mall. She pointed to it and immediately said, "I did that early (earlier). Santa Claus was there." We signed up for the Kidgits Kid Club a year ago (age 1 1/2) when we sat on Santa's lap.
*Another memory thing is that I was making Jambalaya last night, and Abigail was helping me. She asked what it was, and I told her. She said, "We had that on the boat." She's right! We did have that on the boat at the beginning of the summer - about 5 or 6 months ago. We've had it since, but she remembers it from the boat.
* Abby insists on doing everything "all by myself."
* Abigail loves: shoes, lip gloss, puzzles, hats, gloves, sweets, singing, family and race cars.

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