Friday, June 11, 2010

Dressing Herself

Abigail has an opinion about clothes. Other moms encouraged me to let her dress herself. Here is evidence of why I don't have her dress herself very often. She has actually been really into dresses lately - it's all she wants to wear. She will sacrifice comfort for what she wants to wear. She changes clothes constantly throughout the day....constantly. Any mirror or reflection in windows, ovens, etc. deserves a stop and glance at her current attire. She often stops to sing and dance in whatever princess thing she has on. She convinces herself that whatever she is wearing at the moment is her favorite color..."Oh, I have on pink and green. Pink and green are my favorite colors." She also likes to match other people. "Kenzie is wearing kopa-dots (polka dots). I want to wear kopa-dots." Accessories are very important too. She also loves to put on Kenzie's clothes, especially her pajamas, even though they are too small. Picking out Kenzie's pajamas is another favorite thing. There's been a little bit of a battle lately because we'll be ready to go, and she'll disappear and then show up naked trying to pick out something else and getting upset by how something is fitting or that it's not what she really wants or that it's highly inappropriate. She just loves clothes.

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