Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lake Play Date

The weather was finally nice enough, so we had our first lake play date the other day...and our first drowning scare with Abby. A bunch of my friends came over with their kids for crafts and then we went out to play at the lake. The kids were playing at the edge of the lake, and we had told them not to go in past their knees. Apparently, Abigail was trying to fish something out of the water and lost her footing. Thank God we were all right there and that someone heard the splash because it just as easily could have been silent. The image of Abigail struggling under the water is one I will never forget. I ran down into the water to pull her out. She was crying and said she couldn't breath. I held her for a long time. I just am so thankful that the results were good and that we got this helpful reminder about how quickly things can happen...even if you're right there. Life jackets are being worn even down on the beach now. If we have a crowd, we're going to have a parent on lifeguard rotation. Abby is now signed up for private swim lesson.

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Teachermom said...

We had a similar scare with Kendall at a fish pond. The pond is only 2 feet deep, but she fell in face first and couldn't stand up. Luckily, Bryson grabbed her by her shirt and pulled her out!