Friday, June 11, 2010

Our Little One

Kenzie is an adorable girl. She is bright eyed and loves to laugh and get involved in any way she can. She is a strong kid who knows what she wants and sometimes fusses when she doesn't get it. She has recently been better at saying please ("Bah") to switch off the whining or not do the whining at all. That has been a nice change. She is a goofy eater. She will not put certain things in her mouth. We've tricked her a couple times by sneaking chicken into her mouth, but she's spit it out and never puts it in vountarily. Other things she will not try include: eggs, peanut butter and jelly, tortilla and cheese, steamed vegis, rice, salmon, hamburger, potatoes, hot dog...a number of things....won't even put them in her mouth. Only recently have I convinced her to try pancakes and toast, whe she did like. She will eat pureed anything. She enjoys all kinds of fruit, pasta, yogurt, cheese, oatmeal, pizza and anything sweet. Ironically, she won't put a lot of food in her mouth but will put dirt and rocks in there easily. She adores her sister who can always make her smile. She is a pretty tough little kid. She is particular. She has been good at obeying lately. She is curious and likes to open things and see how they work. Books, shape sorting, having someone chase after her, being outdoors, putting things in her mouth, being tickled and buzzed, climbing, being spun around, bubbles dancing and music are among her favorite things. She also likes anything she doesn't have in her possession at the moment, begging "bah." She loves to run to dad when he comes home. Communicating comes easy to her, and she understands a lot. Some of her words (most in her own language) include please (bah), thank you (take ooo), Peek-a-Boo (peek-e), hi, bye, ma ma, da da, up (uch), hot, more (mo), uh-oh, ball (bah) and bath (ba). Today she did animal sounds for the first time. Giving kisses are one of our favorites. We did squirt guns today, and she loved that and always seems to enjoy the water. Her smile brings us joy.

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