Monday, June 16, 2008

Eleven Months

We're reaching close to a year. Wow! Abby is 29 inches tall and 22 lbs. She has been going to bed later and still has a couple naps. She has been sleeping in since the cruise. She has been doing a lot of self-serving finger foods lately and is still eating well. She self-corrected her clapping and is quick to smile, wave and say "hi" to everyone. She also says "bye bye," "Abby" and "baby." There are definitely attemps to say, "Here ya go!" and "Amen," which warms my heart. She can take steps now...up until about 12. She can go backward down stairs. She is super chatty. My current descriptive words would be talkative, social, squirmy, independent, inquistive, joyful and likes attention. I love this kid.

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