Monday, June 16, 2008

Ten Months

Here's Abigail at 10 months. She's attracting attention wherever she goes because she is so social and will ham it up in front of everyone. Her current big word is "thank you" (more like "tank ooo"), which she repeats after us. She seems to try and say "Abigail" and "too cute" also. She seems to be very verbal, and you can see her trying to mimic speech. She is a squirmy kid who likes doesn't like to sit still much. She is self-entertaining but likes to be around people. She is still very easy to be around. She eats well and doesn't reject much. She's tried raisens, blueberries, salmon, whole grains, flax seed added to pureed food and whatever else we are eating. She claps her hands (up and down), dances, gives high fives and waves on verbal or observational cues. She often responds well to things that are off limits but sometimes tries to push the limits. She is so fun!

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