Monday, June 16, 2008

Feeding Times

Feeding is getting interesting with new attempts to feed herself. This was a meal of avacado, rasberry, tomato and cheerios. She is doing some semi-successful attempts using a spoon too. We don't have food on the ceiling or walls yet, so I think that's a good start. I strip her down and know there will be a clean-up. This one ended with avacado in the ears, hair, legs, hands and obviously, the face. She is learning to hold a sippy cup. Overall, I would say were're having sucess. I lay down a plastic table cloth from the dollar store, but things have stayed on the tray or mouth for the most part. We've had to "encourage" her to not throw the undesired food on the floor, but she has responded well.

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Sandy Williams said...

Now that is one extremely cute kid!