Monday, June 16, 2008

Mexico Cruise

We celebrated my parent's 40th Anniversary with an amazing bottle of wine and a wine label with their wedding picture and a wine-type description of their marriage on the back. It's so wonderful to have parents still commited and in love after 40 years.
It was crazy windy on the boat one day.
Cabo San Lucas

The whole crew after the cruise.

Michelle, our wonderful host in San Diego.

Our family on the beaches of San Diego.

This picture makes me think my little one looks like me.

Mini-golf on the cruise.

Our daily nap time on the cruise.

Daddy swinging our naked baby on the beaches of Cabo. This was after a wonderful Sangria and quacamole with chips at a delicious restaurant. We sat there, ate, drank and played cards with Shannon and Nate. Rough!
The last couple of evenings our family got into candy poker. I played awful.

The original Kern clan.

Abigail travelled like a rock star. She was so easy and fun. The staff loved her, which meant for great treatment all around. It seemed like everyone knew her. She flew well and sailed well. She was a joy. We had to cut a few nights short, but overall, we were so impressed with our baby.
In Ensenada, the Baja 500 was getting under way. It made for a fun atmosphere in the town and some eye candy for the men in our group.

The cruise was an amazing time. We had such a great time with the family. I felt like we had great group time, alone time and time with individual couples. The weather was wonderful. Oh...A highlight was MY DAD BEING HYPNOTIZED. See video of that on my sister's website:

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