Tuesday, May 12, 2009

All In

=My girlfriends threw me a diaper shower, which was right up my alley. Perfect! It was quite entertaining. First of all, I think girls don't normally play poker because they talk too much and laugh too hard and don't pay attention to the game. Also, it was quite entertaining to watch the girls try to figure out the game. We had someone claim to have a "full deck." Finally, someone got the term right, proudly announcing her "full house" and yet had three diamonds and three hearts...umm...not quite. Another person asked what the term "four of a kind" meant. I think we need to practice a bit more. I won...OK, so I didn't technically win because my hands were lame all night. However, I did go home with all the diapers. What a blessing!


Stacie296 said...

Ooh - I just want to squish her little face!! She's SO dang cute.

The Tulloss Family said...

Thanks so much for including me in your diaper poker night...it was so much fun!