Monday, May 11, 2009


People keep asking about how Abigail is dealing with the new competition. I could not ask for it to be going any better! She is amazing! She has not shown one sign of jealousy or animosity toward her sister. In contrast, she always shows her sister love and gentleness. She asks to hug and kiss Kenzie every morning and every night. The other day Kenzie was upset and Abby just sat by her and kept pushing the pacifier back into her mouth and rubbing her gently. She has treated her like a newborn kitten - barely touching her when she gives her love and being so careful while around her. Stupid mom left Kenzie in the middle of the living room today and Abby accidently walked backward into her, really not hurting Kenzie at all but Abby cried and was so upset thinking she had maybe hurt her. I reassured her that her sister was fine. I have been in awe at Abigail's love and care for her sister.

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