Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Folk Life Festival

Playing in the Fountain

My sister and I think alike...same suits, really?
Total Experience Gospel Choir Workshop
Abigail wasn't too into the fountain.
Abigail liked the ketchup more than the curly fries.
My dad playing in his band at the Mural Stage.
And of course there was dancing!

We had a wonderful time at the Folk Life Festival this Memorial Day weekend. My dad plays in a circus band and was performing there. Fun times!


Shannon said...

Looks like so much fun- I'm excited to be there for those kinds of things. When we're there just picture the kids already there x2 +1. Is that wild?!?

Stacie296 said...

Such an awesome day. Perfect weather, the Total Experience Gospel choir, and my great fam. Who could want for more??? Loved spending the day together! Shan - we're going to hire help when you guys join.