Monday, May 11, 2009

The Bob

We splurged. I interviewed so many people about the perfect double stroller. We heard a lot of people saying we needed to buy the Bob. Of course, it was the most expensive stroller out there. We decided against it...until we test drove a number of strollers, including the Bob. Then, we bought it and do love it - feeling like it was a great investment. It has already been used a lot. It's great on the road and off. It almost propels itself. I tried running the other day, not knowing why I really had to heal for as long as they recommend. Well, as my knee stung with pain a couple days later, I was informed that the healing process is for my entire body as hormones are still shifting and joints, etc. are weak right now. Oops. I guess it's walking for now. I can't complain about that because I really don't like running and just do it because I feel like I have to to try and get my body back in shape. Have patience!

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