Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kenzie 9 months old

Kenzie turned 9 months on January, 2nd. She is army crawling to get around and just beginning to pull herself to stand on furniture. She loves to play with her toys and pull things out of boxes. She has a few teeth coming in on top. She hasn't been horribly influenced by this...still sleeping well. However, she probably has some grumpiness related. She is 20 lbs and 27 inches long. She has really good hand eye coordination and enjoys balls. She wants to grab at everything and is very strong and persistent trying to get whatever she wants. She has become a lot more independent now that she can really get around. She likes to explore and play. She can clap up and down, put her hands up to "so big," and give a high five. She smiles a lot and has been less high maintenance as she gets older. She still smiles so big when Abby interacts with her. She kicks and giggles when daddy and grandma first appear. She also waves and has words associated with bye (ba ba) and hi (ah). She also says mama and dada (sometimes on demand), but I am not convinced she associates them with us. She eat well but definitely has an opinion about what she does and does not like. She's eating more solids...pieces of cracker, bread, fruit, cheerios, etc. She also eats all sorts of pureed fruits and vegetables. She is active and brings us a lot of joy.

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