Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Abby loves to learn. She knows all her letters and numbers to ten. She knows the sounds of most of the letters, although vowels throw her off a bit. She is excellent and tracing, which is an activity she wants to do often. She can count to 50 with a little prompting. She is super verbal and has a crazy memory. She remembers locations, things we've done, who has given her what gifts, vocabulary, etc. She asks a lot of questions. Here is a video and picture of her tracing skills, which she does all on her own.

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Hope said...

Ah, she's so big! Poor little Gideon (even though he's a year older) can't hold a candle to Abby's scholastic skills yet! Gosh, I don't think most people have even HEARD him speak. *sigh* those shy kids...