Monday, January 4, 2010


We went to Whistler with our friends, the Langs. They have a gorgeous time share right on the edge of the Men's 2010 Olympic Downhill run. The Langs have three children - Hailey and Andrew who are twins Abigail's age and baby Greta. The 2 year old kids loved each other and were little peas in the pod. Jer and Greg went skiing one day and met up with some college friends. Conditions weren't great, but they had a lot of fun going peak to peak. We stuck around with the kids and were just on vacation. Jer and I escaped to the village for a few hours while the kids slept. As a group we went to a frozen lake where we took the kids on the ice and tried to sled down some hills. Hailey was the only one that liked the ice. None of them were interested in sledding. We don't have a snow bunny yet, although we'll keep trying.

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