Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Things to Remember

* When it's foggy outside, Abigail says it's "froggy" outside.
* Her most recent Bible story recall consisted of Jesus putting mud on God's eyes, and when there was mud on God's eyes, He couldn't see.
* When turning in circles, Abigail says, "I'm getting busy." (dizzy)
* Abby calls a vest "a life" because she thinks it's a life jacket.
* Abigail opens my Bible and begins to read, "We can do the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse puzzle." She then closes the Good Book and proclaims, "It's in the Bible."
"Thank you, Mommy, for learning me to put my shirt on a right way." (Said after I told her that her shirt was on backward and taught her to twist it around)
* I told Abby we were going to a fancy restaurant, and she said, "That's a good plan."
Was in the bathroom getting wipes when I heard Abby yelling from the living room. I go in to find her hand full of poop and nakedness from the waist down. I scoop her up to wash her hands in the kitchen. She starts freaking out crying over her sleeve getting wet. I try to explain to her that her sleeve wet by water is not the issue. The issue is that we have poop all over the her butt, legs, hands, ground and clothes. She replies, "My sleeve is wet and THAT IS the problem."

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